Scholarship Support for Law Students

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Students should worry less on how to fund education and devote themselves more to study and self-improvement.  Freed from immediate financial pressure, CMLC encourages students to confront, indeed embrace, the challenges of new learning methods, and bravely dive into dynamic learning environments (that’s pressure enough!).  We support classrooms composed of diverse students, who diligently prepare for and actively participate in class, with faculty employing case methodology and problem-solving strategies. CMLC provided scholarships are designed for students committed to gain the most from unique course offerings and innovative pedagogy. Hence students that attend the Mekong Region Legal Studies Program do so at no cost to the student. 

At its core, CMLC’s mission is to inculcate students with a renewed commitment to deep study and pursuit of public service in all personal and professional activities. Toward this end, MRLSP students are provided housing (roommate must be from a different country), a daily living stipend and international travel costs.  Dedicated students later rave about the transformative effects of participating in the MRLSP.  

CMLC is also sponsoring students to pursue the LL.M Degree in Research at the Faculty of Integrated Social Sciences, Khon Kaen University, Nongkhai Campus.  As with students attending the MRLSP, full support (coverage of tuition, housing and international travel costs) is provided.  For the 2019-2020 academic year, CMLC will support two students from Myanmar, one student from Laos, and one student from China to complete this LLM Degree.  All students are expected to conduct research in an area of public law (constitutional law, administrative law, public procurement law, public ethics, etc.).  The two supported Myanmar students will return to Yadanabon University in Mandalay to work for the new Center for Administrative Law and Public Procurement Studies. Students interested in this opportunity are welcome to contact us.


New for 2020:  CMLC is sponsoring two of the best performing students in the 2018 Mekong Region Legal Studies Program to pursue LL.M. Degrees in the U.S.  Stay tuned for more information on this new initiative.

Please help us bring this opportunity to as many GMS students as possible

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