Scholarship Support for Law Students

Cambodia - Guangxi - Laos - Myanmar - Thailand - Vietnam - Yunnan

Students should worry less about how to fund education and devote themselves more to study and self-improvement.  Freed from immediate financial pressure, CMLC encourages students to confront, indeed embrace, the challenges of new learning methods, and bravely dive into dynamic learning environments (that’s pressure enough!).  We support classrooms composed of diverse students, who diligently prepare for and actively participate in class, with faculty that employ case methodology and problem-solving strategies. CMLC provided scholarships are designed for students committed to public service and poised to gain the most from unique course offerings and innovative pedagogy.

Currently, CMLC scholarships are available for 1) students to pursue the LL.M Degree (Research) at the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies at Khon Kaen University, Nongkhai Campus (KKU-Nongkhai) and 2) students who will pursue the M.A. Degree Program in Mekong Region Law and Development at KKU-Nongkhai (expected start date November 2023).  Students interested in these opportunities are welcome to contact us.



Please help us bring this opportunity to as many GMS students as possible

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